Cekol ZU-1 One-component water impermeable compound

  • Waterproof
  • For interior and exterior use
  • High adhesion
Cekol ZU-1


• The sealing mortar is a mixture of grey cement, fillers and modifying additives. The sealing mortar is used to make waterproofing seals on terraces, balconies, in swimming pools, for ceramic, clinker and stone tiles, as well as to seal walls and foundation pillars, both underground and overground, in channels, tunnels and cellars.
• After mixing with water, a pourable mass is formed. It has excellent workability properties which feature high adhesion to mineral substrates such as concrete, ceramic and silicate bricks, cement plasters, etc.


Preparation of the substrate

Using a spatula, remove the remains of emulsion and oil paints, and loose grains of sand. The substrate should be clean, tight and free of grease. Any defects should be filled using the CEKOL ZW-04 evening-up plaster.

Preparation of the mortar

Pour 1 kg of powder to approx. 0.22 l of water and mix thoroughly until a uniform thick mixture is obtained. Leave for 5 minutes, then mix again.


Before applying the mortar, spray the dry surface with water until a matt and wet substrate is obtained. The one-component sealing mass should be applied in two layers, the first by using a roofing brush and the second by using a steel trowel. Apply the second layer after bonding of the first layer, i.e. after approx. 4-6 hours from application. Use a suitable sealing tape in the corners. The thickness of one layer should be 2 mm. Capacity: approx. 4 kg/m2 at a total layer thickness of 2.5 mm. Temperature of application and substrate +5°C÷25°C.


The fresh layers should be protected against raining and excessive drying.

Further work

Glueing tiles can be performed after approx. 48 hours from applying the last layer of the sealing mass. It is recommended to use the CEKOL CS-12 deformable adhesive.

Technical data:

  • Meets requirements EN 14891 CM O1P A polymer-modified water-impermeable cement-based product in a liquid form (applied with C2-type glue in accordance with EN 12004)
  • Initial adhesion ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Adhesion after contact with water ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Adhesion after heat ageing ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Adhesion after freeze-thaw cycles ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Adhesion after contact with lime water ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Adhesion after contact with chlorinated water ≥0.5 N/mm²
  • Crack-bridging properties under standard conditions ≥0.75 mm
  • Crack-bridging properties at low temperature (-5°C) ≥0.75 mm
  • The product has a hygienic approval

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