Cekol ZT-02 Cement-lime render

  • Smooth surface
  • Good bond strength
  • Easy to work on
Cekol ZT-02

Cement-lime building plaster for mechanical application

• CEKOL ZT-02 is used for mechanically or manually preparing traditional plasters on brick, concrete, gas concrete, ceramsite concrete as well as other mineral substrates.
• For use inside and outside buildings, as plaster coating in living quarters, basements, bathrooms, garages and as a primer for stucco.
• It allows obtaining an exceptionally smooth surface, suitable for painting.
• It is characterised by easy application and good adhesion. After hardening, it is frost-resistant and waterproof.
• CEKOL ZT-02 is a dry mixture of cement, lime, carefully selected fillers and modifying additives


Preparation of the substrate

The surface should provide good adhesion between the mortar and substrate; it should be durable, rigid and should not change dimensions. The surface should also be even so that there is no need to thicken the plaster too much. The substrate should be clean, tight and free of grease. Paints, loose grains of sand and plaster, as well as layers not bonded permanently with the substrate should be removed.

Cement rendering

Before applying the plaster, spray the surface with clean water in the amount appropriate for the absorption capacity of the substrate and apply the rendering with CEKOL CEMENT RENDER. Wait at least 24 h between applying the rendering and the actual layer of CEKOL ZT-02 plaster.

Preparation of the mortar

The plaster coating should be applied after the walls set, shrink and dry. The corners must be embedded with cement or cement-lime mortar. The plaster should be applied mechanically with plastering equipment. The amount of water should be determined experimentally, depending on the type of the plastering equipment and desired consistency of mortar. In the case of manual application, pour the package content into cold water in a proportion of 0,18 to 0,2 litres of water per a 1 kg of powder and mix thoroughly.


The plaster should be applied onto wet and bonded rendering with appropriate tools and processed during the initial bonding phase. The processing depends on the type of substrate and temperature. The fresh plaster should be protected against adverse weather conditions (strong wind, sun, rain, frost) and drying too fast. Capacity: approx. 1.6 kg/m2/1mm. Temperature of application and substrate +5°C÷ +25°C.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements EN-998-1 GP CSII W1
  • Reaction to fire A1
  • Water absorption W1
  • Compression strength ≥2 N/mm²
  • Adhesion ≥0.3 N/mm², FP-b
  • Vapour permeability coefficient 6/22
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.51

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