Cekol WG-50 Self-levelling screed

  • Non-shrinking
  • Layer thickness from 3 to 50 mm
  • Walkable after 3 hours
  • For standard and heated surfaces
Cekol WG-50


• CEKOL WG-50 is used for manual or mechanical covering of primers and substrates for ceramic and stone tiles, PVC covering, textiles, panels, wooden floors etc.
• It can be applied only indoors on stabilised and dry mineral surfaces, in rooms with relative humidity up to 70%.
• CEKOL WG-50 mortar can be applied in the layers of thickness of 3 to 50 mm, as a composite screed on a separating layer or as a floating base.
• The mortar can also be used in floor heating systems applications.
• CEKOL WG-50 is a dry mixture of synthetic gypsum, mineral fillers and modifying additives.


Preparation of the substrate

The substrate should be clean, compact, carrying and free of grease. Before covering, the base must be stabilized and dry.


The screed should be separated from walls and expansion joints existing in the substrate should be moved to the surface after binding. The maximum single surface without internal expansion joints is 50 m². In the case of very weak substrates, CEKOL WG-50 screed should be made on a separating layer.

Preparation of the substrate

Pour the contents of the package into the water in a proportion of about 7 litres of water per 20 kg of dry powder and mix until a uniform mixture is obtained. After 5 min. mix the mortar thoroughly again. The mortar should be used within 30 minutes from mixing. In the case of mechanical covering, find the right amount of water to reach the desired consistence.

Laying and curing

Cover the ready substrate with the liquid mortar and level with a trowel or a patch and vent with a spiked roller, brush or rake. When laid, the fresh mortar must be protected from direct sunlight and sufficient ventilation in the room must be provided. In the case of heated surface, turn off the floor heating before covering. It can be turned on after 7 days.

Further works

Floor coverings, parquet, panels and ceramic tiles can be laid when the screed is completely dry (less than 1% of moisture). In the event of tarnish on the surface it should be grinded down, which will facilitate and speed up the drying process. Before sticking ceramic tiles it is recommended to prime the surface with CEKOL GS-83 KONTAKT. Stick the tiles using the two-sided method preferably, using flexible adhesives such as CEKOL Q-2 MULTI or CEKOL Q-3 MAX.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements: EN 13813 CA-C30-F5 Calcium sulphate based screed, resistance class C30 and F5
  • Bending strength: ≥ 5 N/mm²
  • Compression strength: ≥ 30 N/mm²
  • Reaction to fire: A1fl
  • Work temperature: +5ºC to + 25ºC
  • Coverage: ~15 kg/m²/cm of layer thickness
  • Available for pedestrian traffic: ~ 3 hours at + 18ºC
  • Drying time: ~1.5 mm per day
  • The thickness over the heating element at least 10 mm
  • The thickness of the base on a separating layer and as a floating primer should be minimum 35 mm

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