Cekol TD-01 Decorative render

  • Modern design effect
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Enables creating various textures
Cekol TD-01

Decorative plaster

• CEKOL TD-01 is an innovative plaster which looks similar to “natural” concrete.
• It can be used for effective smooth surface as well as various structures.
• Decorative plaster CEKOL TD-01 is perfect for modern interiors.
• CEKOL TD-01 is intended both for internal and external areas
• Thickness of a grain up to 0.8 mm.
• It is a dry combination of organic binders, cements and natural fillers.


Preparation of the substrate

The surface should be clean, dense and grease-free. Any paints and sand grains should be removed.


The surface should be primed with a priming product CEKOL GM-84 or CEKOL GS-83 Kontakt containing quartz sand which creates rough surface and improves adhesion of the plaster.

Preparation of the mortar

Pour 1 kg of powder into about 0.3l of water and mix it until obtaining homogeneous mass. Leave it for 3 minutes and mix again.

Placing the mass

Decorative plaster CEKOL TD-01 should be applied in two layers. The first applied layer with thickness of about 1-2 mm should be smooth and left until initial concrete bonding i.e. the plaster is partially wet but does not stick to the hand. The method of placing another layer depends on desired result.

I option

smooth concrete – apply second layer with a stainless steel trowel, leave it until it bonds completely. Before smoothing the surface delicately sprinkle it with water and then smooth with a trowel (NOTE: work of poor quality may result in darker patches).


II option

structure modelling – apply another layer with thickness of 1-2 mm. You can obtain extra effects on a newly applied plaster using tools such as brush trowel, scrub brush or paint roller. After about 3 hours spray the surface with water and cut all uneven areas with the edge of a trowel to obtain desired effect. After about 24 hours paint the whole surface with impregnation product CEKOL PI-01 to obtain additional decorative effect and glossy surface which protects the surface. Lifetime period: about 0.5h. Usage: about 3 kg/m2. Temperature of application and surface +5oC ÷ +25oC.


The fresh plaster should be protected against sudden raining and excessive drying.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements EN 15824:2009 Plaster based on organic binders, used for covering external and internal walls, columns, partition walls and diaphgram walls
  • Water vapor permeability V2
  • Water absorption W2
  • Adhesion ≥ 0.3 MPa
  • Temperature of application and surface +5ºC ÷ +25ºC.
  • Usage about 3 kg/m²
  • Lifetime period about 0.5h
  • Hazardous substances See data sheet

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