Cekol PC-80 Cementitious flooring

  • Underlayment for parquets and for laminate or vinyl flooring
  • Walkable after 24 hours
  • Layer thickness from 20 to 80 mm
  • For interior and exterior use
Cekol PC-80


• The product is a material used to make a cement based screed for use inside and outside buildings.
• Excellent as a base for ceramic tiles, parquet, panels and PVC coverings.
• For indoor and outdoor use.
• Cement flooring is a mixture of cement, carefully selected aggregates and modifiers.
• The maximum grain size is 6 mm.


Preparation of the substrate

The substrate must be clean, tight and free of any substances hindering adhesiveness (dust, bitumen, oil).


Weak and highly absorbent substrates should be primed with a deep penetrating primer CEKOL DL-80.

Preparation of the plaster

Pour the package content into cold water in a proportion of approx. 2.5 to 3 litres of water per a package 25 kg and mix thoroughly.


Apply the mortar onto the prepared substrate as in the case of standard semi-dry cement screed. The width of the covered area shall be around 2 m. Even the fresh mortar with a float or trowels slid on the pre-prepared guides separating the areas. After initial hardening, grind the surface smooth. The mortar should be used within 2 hours. If the mixture thickens during that time, mix it again without adding water. Capacity: approx. 2 kg/m² per 1 mm of layer thickness. Layer thickness: 20 to 80 mm. Setting time for walking: about 48 hours at 18°C. Working temperature: 5°C to 25°C.


At the time of bonding, it should be protected against excessively fast drying After initial bonding, make expansion joints and maintain like in the case of standard concrete.



Tiles can be laid after about 48 hours (the maintenance time can be shortened). Floor carpets, parquets, panels should be laid after the plaster has dried completely. Drying time: ~1.5 mm of layer thickness per day.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements EN 13813 CT-C20-F5 Cement based screed, tensile strength class C25 and F5
  • Flexural strength ≥5 N/mm²
  • Compression strength ≥20 N/mm²
  • Reaction to fire A1fl

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