Cekol OC-01 Cement scratch coat

  • excellent adhesion
  • machine /manual application
  • Water and frost resistant
Cekol OC-01


CEKOL cement scratch coat is a factory made dry mixture of cement, lime, aggregates in appropriately proportioned admixtures. The coat is easy to apply and has excellent adhesive qualities. Following hardening it provides a waterproof and frost- proof layer. Mortar type: GP CS IV W 1.
CEKOL cement scratch coat is for mechanical or manual application of traditional plasters on brick, concrete and gas concrete, expanded clay aggregate concrete and other mineral bases. It can be used for interior or exterior scratch coating of flats, basements, bathrooms, garages and as a base coat for cement and cement-lime plaster. It is especially recommended for use of CEKOL ZT-02 and CEKOL ZT-08 plaster. Coat thickness: around 5 mm.

Instruction for use

Surface preparation and application

It is recommended to apply scratch coat after settlement, shrinkage and drying of walls.
Any surface must be properly prepared to provide both a good adhesion of the coat to the base, and a durable, stiff and stable finish. To eliminate the need to apply additional plaster layers an even surface is required. The base must be clean, compact, carrying and free of grease. Any loose paint coats, sand and plaster particles must be removed, as well as layers not bonded inseparably with the base. After cleaning and If the preparation and cleaning outlines are followed the surface will be ready for application.
Any profiles must be installed using cement or cement-lime mortar.
Prior to application of plaster dampen the base with clean water, depending on absorption. Apply scratch coat with a plaster unit or manually. Water proportions can be dterminedby trial procedures according to plaster unit type and desired mixture’s consistence. In case of manual application, pour the package contents into cold water in proportion 4.5 litre of water for 25 kg bag and mix thoroughly.
Apply 5 mm thick scratch coat.
Further plastering may follow after hardening and sprinkling the scratch coat with water, min. after 24h.
Protect the fresh coat against adverse weather conditions (strong wind, rain, frost) and prompt drying.
Consumption ~ 1.8 kg/m²/1mm. Work and base temperature: +5 – +25°C. During plaster drying and maturing temperature shall be above +5°C.
Store in original packages, in a dry place –shelf life up to 12 months from date of manufacture. Date of manufacture and manufacturer’s symbol on the package. The product is approved hygienically.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements EN-998-1 GP CS IV W 1
  • Reaction to fire A1
  • Water absorption W1
  • Adhesion = 0.5 N/mm², FP-b
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient = 6 N/mm²
  • Compression strength 15/35 (tabular value)
  • Water vapour transmission ratio 0.88 W/mK (tabular value)

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