Cekol GS-83 Kontakt Primer

  • Improves adhesion
  • Contains quartz aggregate
  • Forms coarse coat
Cekol GS-83 Kontakt


• CEKOL GS-83 Kontakt is a product used for priming smooth surfaces, ceilings and prefabricated elements made from smoothly planked concrete or reinforced concrete elements.
• It reinforces the substrate, improves the bonding uniformity and increases the adhesion of plasters, putties and mortars to difficult surfaces.
• It can be used inside and outside buildings.
• After drying, the product creates a transparent rough coating resistant to water and alkaline agents. The coating does not inhibit the exchange of water vapour and gases with the environment.
• It is non-toxic and non-flammable.


Preparation of the substrate

Using a spatula, remove the oil paint residues, loose grains of sand, etc. The substrate must be clean, tight and free of grease.

Preparation of the primer

The product is ready for use. Before using, the contents of the package must be mixed thoroughly in order to make the consistency smooth.


Apply primer evenly on the prepared surface with a brush, roller or spraying equipment. Protect the adjacent elements against contamination. If necessary, remove the fresh stains with water.

Further works

When the primed substrate dries completely, further actions can be taken.

Technical data

  • It meets the requirements of PN-C-81906:2003
  • Drying time; depending on the temperature and humidity 2 ÷ 24 h
  • Consumption from 1 kg; depending on the absorption capacity of the substrate 3 ÷ 4 m²
  • Temperature of application and substrate +5 ÷ +25°C

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