Cekol GS-200 Plaster skim

  • Plastic
  • Easy to sand
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Layer thickness up to 5 mm
Cekol GS-200

Application and properties

• CEKOL GS-200 is used for smoothing, levelling and treating of walls and ceilings.
• It is suitable for all types of mineral substrates inside buildings.
• CEKOL GS-200 is a mixture of gypsum, mineral fillers, and modifying agents.

Finishing coat

Peparation of the substrate

Using a spatula, remove any residues of emulsion paint and oil paint, as well as loose sand grains. The substrate should be clean, compact and free of grease.


Strongly absorbing substrates should be primed with a deep-penetrating primer CEKOL DL-80.

Preparation of the mortar

Prepare the mortar by pouring 1 kg of the powder into approx. 0.4 litre of water and thoroughly mixing.


Apply the product to the surface with stainless steel tools or plastic tools. The mortar should be used within 60 minutes. Layer thickness: 1-5 mm. Coverage: ~ 1.5 kg/m2/mm. Work temperature: +5 ÷ +25 C.

Further works

After initial hardening, surface adjustments can be made. Before starting painting, the coat needs to be totally dry. Before painting, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dust and primed.

  • Meets requirements EN 13279-1:200 Gypsum-based plaster B2/20/2
  • Proportions of the mixture 0.40 l of water for 1 kg of dry powder
  • The mortar should be used within 60 minutes
  • Capacity: approx. 1.5 kg/m²/mm
  • Layer thickness 1 - 5 mm
  • Working temperature +5 ÷ +25°C
  • Beginning of bonding ≥60 min
  • Flexural strength ≥ 1.5 N/mm²
  • Compressive strength ≥ 3 N/mm²
  • Adhesion to substrate ≥ 0.5 N/mm²
  • Reaction to fire A1
  • The product has a hygienic approval

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