Cekol GS-20 Gypsum adhesive

  • For gypsum board mounting
  • For plaster moulding mounting
  • For gypsum block joining
  • Excellent bond strength
Cekol GS-20

Gypsum based adhesive

• CEKOL GS-20 is gypsum based adhesive used for fixing plasterboards.
• It may also be used for composite slabs for thermal/acoustic insulation.
• Recommended to be used only indoors in dry rooms on mineral surfaces.
• CEKOL GS-20 is a mixture of synthetic gypsum, mineral fillers and modifying additives.


Preparation of the substrate

Remove the leftover emulsion paint, oil paint and loose sand grains with the use of a spatula. The base should be clean, compact, and free of grease.


Highly absorbent bases should be primed with deeply penetrating CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion.

Preparation of the mortar

The mortar should be prepared by pouring the content of the packaging into cold, clean water in proportion of approx. 0,45 litres of water for 1 kg of dry powder. Leave it for 2 minutes and mix thoroughly until a uniform mixture is obtained.


The product should be applied on the surface with the use of stainless steel tools. The mortar should be used within 20 minutes from preparation. Consumption: approx. 3-5 kg/m² of board. Temperature of application and base: +5 ÷ +25°C.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements EN 14496 Gypsum based adhesive for composite slabs for thermal and acoustic insulation and for plasterboards
  • Proportions of the mixture 0,45 litres of water for 1 kg of dry powder
  • Capacity: approx. 3-5 kg/m2 of board
  • Mortar usage time < 20
  • Working temperature +5 ÷ +25°C
  • Adhesion to base - plasterboard - concrete ≥ 0.4 N/mm2 ≥ 1.0 N/mm2
  • Adhesion to insulation board ≥ 0.06 N/mm2
  • Reaction to fire A1
  • The product has a hygienic approval

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