Cekol DL-80 Special deep penetrating primer

  • Reduces absorbability
  • Increases adherence
  • Srrengthens base
  • For indooor and autdoor use
Cekol DL-80 GOLD


• CEKOL DL-80 is a water-soluble, deep penetrating emulsion which does not contain solvents and is used for priming absorbable, mineral surfaces before applying fillers, self-levelling floors or sticking on ceramic tiles.
• It may be applied inside buildings and outside.
• CEKOL DL-80 strengthens surfaces, increases uniform binding of finishing materials used, at the same time increasing their adherence and durability.
• It inhibits detrimental chemical reactions between gypsum and cement.
• CEKOL DL-80 is a non-toxic and non-flammable emulsion.
• After drying, a transparent and slightly glossy coat is formed which is water and alkaline agents resistant at the same time allowing for water and gases to vapour.

Instructions for use

Preparation of the substrate

Non-grease base must be clear of loose pieces, particles, dust and of non-absorbable elements like oils, oil and acrylic paint, etc.


The emulsion is ready for use. The product should be applied, preferably once or twice, with a brush, a roller or by spraying. The second layer shall be applied once the first one has dried. If need be, the emulsion may be diluted with water in 1:1 ratio.

Further work

Once the primed surface has completely dried, follow-up works may be carried out.

Technical data

  • Meets the requirements of PN-C-81906:2003
  • Dry residue content ≥ 10 %
  • Drying time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity ~ 2 h
  • Coverage for 1 litre – differs depending on base absorbability 5 ÷ 15 m²
  • Base and application temperature +5 ÷ +25 °C
  • Product has a hygienic approval

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