Cekol C-35 SPOTTED RENDER White mineral render

  • For manual or mechanical application
  • Grain size 1.5 and 2.5 mm
  • Resistant to microcracking
  • Resistant to efflorescence and biological growth

Applidation and properties

• It is a dry mixture of white cement, white mineral fillers, and modifying agents.
• It is used for single coat render for interior and exterior use.
• is an excellent primer for mineral, silicone, silicate and acrylic paints.
• It is recommended that the outer layer of CEKOL Termo S and CEKOL Thermo W Thermal Insulation Systems.
• Available in two thickness options 1.5 and 2.5 mm.
• The product is suitable for manual and mechanical applying with appropriate units and devices.

Instructions for use

Preparation of the substrate

Using a spatula, remove the residues of emulsion or oil paints and loose grains of sand. The surface should be clean, tight, and free of grease.


Highly absorbent substrates should be primed with CEKOL DL-80 emulsion. Prior applying of the finishing layer on the reinforcement layer in the ETICS systems, it is recommended to apply CEKOL GB-87 primer or CEKOL DL-80 deep penetrating primer.

Preparation of the mortar

Pour 1 kg powder to 0.16 – 0.20 litres of water and mix thoroughly.

Application of the mortar

Mortar is applied to the prepared surface to a depth equal to the largest grain, then aligned and rubbed until the desired texture. The mortar should be used for 3 hours. Application and substrate temperature: +50°C ÷ +250°C. Consumption: Cekol C-35 Grain 1.5mm 2.3 kg per 1sqm; Cekol C-35Grain 2.5mm 3.5 kg per 1sqm

Further works

Protect fresh mortar against sudden rain and rapid drying.

Technical data

  • Meets requirements PN-EN 998-1:2004 OC CS II W 2
  • Reaction to fire A1
  • Water absorption c ≤ 0,2 kg/m²min0,5
  • Adhesion after seasoning cycles ≥ 4 N/mm²
  • Compression strength ≥ 0,3 N/mm², FP-b
  • Water vapour transmission coefficient (µ) 15/34
  • The water transmission on the concrete surface after seasoning cycles ≤ 1 ml/cm2 after 48h

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