CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS Fast setting tile adhesive

  • High initial adhesion
  • Tile installation from the top of the wall
  • Grouting after 4 h at ≥18°
  • Recommended for staircases and hallways
  • For standard and heated surfaces



Application and properties:

  • CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS is a cement-based adhesive (C) with improved technical parameters (2), fast setting (F) with reduced slump (T) and extended open time (E), C2FTE
  • It can be used to bond ceramic, stoneware and natural stone tiles to concrete, brick, aerated concrete, expanded concrete, LECA blocks, gypsum boards and blocks, plasterboard panels, seasoned cement and cement-lime plasters and single-layer gypsum plasters
  • Fast setting time (about 4 hours) enables quick repair works
  • CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS recommended for quick installation of small and medium sized tiles
  • Reduced slump enables tile installation from the top of the wall


Substrate preparation

The substrate should be clean, dense and free of grease; any emulsion or oil paint residues and loose sand grains should be removed with a spatula or rough brush.

Mortar preparation

The mortar should be prepared by pouring 1 kg of powder to 0.19 – 0.21 l of water (3.8 – 4.2 l of water for a 20 kg bag), and then mixed thoroughly with a slow mixer to a uniform consistency. Wait approx. 3 minutes and mix thoroughly again. Prepare enough adhesive mortar to be used within 30 minutes.


Apply the adhesive to the prepared substrate using a notched trowel. For heated surfaces, turn off the heat before installing the tiles. Turn on at least 7 days after tile installation. When bonding highly absorbent tiles and stoneware tiles outdoors, apply CEKOL Q-7 EXPRESS in a continuous coat both on the substrate and on the underside of the tiles, which will greatly increase adhesion. Provide a waterproofing layer in areas prone to water seepage.


  • Meets requirements EN 12004:2007+A1
  • Type C2FTE
  • Bond strength expressed as: initial adhesion ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Bond strength expressed as: early adhesion ≥ 0.5 N/mm²
  • Bond strength under conditioning/heat ageing conditions expressed as: adhesion after thermal ageing ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Bond strength under wet/moist conditions expressed as: adhesion after immersion in water ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Bond strength under freeze-thaw cycling conditions expressed as: adhesion after freeze-thaw cycles ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Proportions of the mixture: 1 kg of powder into 0.19 - 0.21 l of water
  • Tile correction time: 10 minut
  • Consumption: per 1 m2 with a 10 mm notched trowel is approx. 2.7 kg
  • Layer thickness: up to 10 mm
  • Application and substrate temperature + 5°C do + 25°C
  • Suitability for foot traffic and grouting: approximately 4 hours at ≥18°C
  • The product has hygienic approval
  • Slump (T): ≤ 0,5 mm
  • Extended open time (E) adhesion: ≥ 0.5 N/mm² after no less than 10 min
  • package 20 kg EAN: 5906474170209
  • CN 3214190

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