CEKOL Q-6 EXTRA Special white adhesive for stone panels

  • Panels can be laid from the top of the wall
  • For standard and heated surfaces
  • Contains a special quartz aggregate
  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Layer thickness up to 30 mm



Use and properties:

CEKOL Q-6 EXTRA is a cementitious adhesive (C) with improved technical parameters (2), with reduced slip (T) and extended open time (E), C2TE. The product is recommended for tiling marble, granite and ceramic slabs, as well as glass components to mineral substrates. The product contains high-quality polymers, fibres and special aggregate CEKOL Q-6 EXTRA for better adhesion and superior flow resistance. For standard and heated surfaces. The product is a flexible, frost- and water resistant adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. The risk of tile discoloration is reduced by the use of white cement as the bonding agent. The product can be used for skimming and levelling surfaces.


Substrate preparation

The substrate should be clean, compact and free from grease. All residues of emulsion and oil paints and loose grains of sand should be removed with a spatula or a rough brush.


Highly absorbent substrates should be primed with a deep penetrating primer CEKOL DL-80.

Adhesive preparation

The product should be prepared by pouring 1 kg of powder into 0.25 – 0.27 l of water (5 – 5.4 l of water per 20 kg bag), and then mixing thoroughly with a slow-rotating mixer until a uniform consistency is obtained. Wait around 3 minutes and mix thoroughly again. Pot life: around 3 hours.


Apply the adhesive to the prepared substrate with a notched trowel. When working on heated surfaces, switch the heating off before applying the tiles. Heating can be switched back on after at least 7 days. For outdoor use or for better tile adhesion, the CEKOL Q-6 EXTRA adhesive should be applied in a continuous layer on both the substrate and the underside of the tiles.


in original packaging, in a dry place


  • Meets requirements EN 12004: 2007 + A1 Cementitious adhesive for internal and external tiling
  • Type C2TE
  • Bond strength: initial tensile adhesion ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Durability of bond strength, as: tensile adhesion after heat aging ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Tensile adhesion after water immersion ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Tensile adhesion after freeze-thaw cycles ≥ 1 N/mm²
  • Proportions of the mixture 1 kg of powder into 0.25 - 0.27 l of water
  • Tile adjustment time 10 min
  • Consumption per 1 m² when using a trowel with 10 mm notches around 3 kg
  • Layer from 2 to 30 mm thick
  • Application and substrate temperature +5°C ÷ +25°C
  • Setting time for walking and pointing about 24 hours at 18°C
  • Extended open time (E) adhesion ≥ 0.5 N/mm² after no less than 30 minutes
  • Reaction to fire A1/A1 fl
  • The product has hygienic approval

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