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We are a socially sensitive company


We conduct educational activities for students of construction schools and technical universities. We conduct trainings both in schools and by inviting students to our company’s headquarters for practical shows and workshops. We serve with our experts’ knowledge by transferring knowledge and initiating activities aimed at encouraging young people to acquire knowledge that would give them the opportunity to acquire new competences.

Our activities are built on the basis of everyday work in an ethical and responsible manner towards our customers and the environment, which we influence when conducting our business.

In doing business, we take care of our business partners, local communities and the environment to ensure that our operations are sustainable, ethical and meet the highest standards. We build long-term and committed relationships.


The needs of disadvantaged people have never been indifferent to our company. We regularly support a variety of organisations and foundations that work for individuals, especially sick and suffering children, by providing, among others, building materials and other support for rehabilitation facilities, hospices, and nursing homes.

We are also not indifferent to those affected by natural disasters, where homes and the people’s immediate surroundings are being destroyed. We know how important it is to live in a flat and a house in which everyone wants to feel safe and happy.


In terms of sponsorship, we focus on the local area. We are involved by supporting the Lechia Gdańsk football team and the Trefl Gdańsk men’s volleyball team.

We support the DRIFT competitor, Piotr Kozłowski, who takes part in the Drift Master GP competition.

In our sponsorship activity we help large and well-known sports clubs as well as niche sports players, but it is always connected with the environment where our company operates.


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