About Us

     Cekol is a Polish brand of construction products with more than 20 years of history in the market.

    The Cekol brand is owned by a Polish company, Cedat Sp. z o. o. The company was established in 1991 and began its operations by manufacturing one of the first professional adhesive mortars in the Polish market. The production of the flag product, Cekol C-45, white gypsum based plaster, was not started until two years later, but it was a real market hit and quickly became very popular among the customers. Thanks to the popularity of Cekol C-45 the company and the brand could grow, launch new products and improve production.

    Currently, the Cekol brand includes more than 40 various products which make up a comprehensive solution for the construction sector: adhesive mortars, finishing coats, plasters, patching compounds, mortars and plaster mortars, cement mixes, floors and primers.

        All products are made according to own recipes developed by top-class experts and based on top quality materials and additives.

     The focus of the company’s operations and production is product quality. Our goal is to make reliable products which are always associated with the highest quality. The Cekol products are manufactured in four modern plants, in Gdańsk near the corporate headquarters as well as in Gołdap, Stawiguda and Bełchatów. The quality of our products is controlled at well-equipped test laboratories in each plant and by the central lab in Gdańsk. When manufacturing our products we strive for quality and reliability.

     Cekol is a very strong and recognisable brand, known both by the home renovation and finishing professionals and by individual customers. The brand awareness and recognisability is proved by many won polls and received awards.

    Cedat is regularly involved in social activities, supporting public benefit organizations. The company helps people in need and those who were harmed.

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